• Minimum qualification must be Intermediate or higher in any discipline
  • Must pass the Entrance Test
  • Have a good knowledge of English Language
  • Have good working knowledge of Computers and Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Have the willingness and commitment to become a social entrepreneur after completion of the course


Below mentioned equipment and features will be required from each student participating in the PDP Mass Training program.

  • Laptop with 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, an equivalent of Intel i5 or higher Processor Chip, external or internal Mouse
  • Windows 10 or higher Operating System with all up-to-date updates and anti-virus software installed
  • Internet Access


All students will have to abide by these logistical rules with no exception in any case whatsoever;

  • Students will have to be on time every day to qualify to be admitted the next day. One single delay in joining the session can derail the entire training for themselves.
  • No use of mobile devices, emails, or any other web browsing other than what is required for the course will be permitted.
  • A general mobile number will be provided to all the course participants for their relatives to reach them in a case of a family emergency.
  • Any other logistical arrangements as deemed necessary will be added to this list.
  • Students will have to sign a consent form to be photographed, published on Print, Electronic, or Social Media platforms.