According to the technical faculty of AIJAZQURESHI.COM, it is very important to take some quick actions with measurable results in training the Pakistani youth on very latest technology stack. These days, everyone be it just a regular normal person, a small business owner, the SMEs, and large organizations need to have their Websites developed as a marketing tool for themselves and their products and services.

The Pakistan Development Program (PDP) is designed to conduct Technology Training to build production grade responsive websites with all the bells and whistles such as a working shopping cart along with a payment solution. The website development training will be provided in a Point-and-Click, Drag-and-Drop without writing a single line of code.

The final product will be able to run on any Computer, Smartphone, Technology Stack, and/or Operating Systems. Training solution will be based upon the latest technologies that will offer such versatility; HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL.