Natasha Gilani appointed as Digital Marketing Executive

New volunteer staff member announcement

AIJAZQURESHI.COM and Pakistan Development Program – PDP announces the appointment of our new team member Ms. Natasha Gilani from Toronto, Canada as the Digital Marketing Executive with immediate effect.

Ms. Natasha Gilani, MBA, CSM® is Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Innovation at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and is doing Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Ryerson University Toronto, Canada.

She grew up surrounded by educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Hard work, creativity, and empathy became my guiding principles at a young age. She was inquisitive and wouldn’t (still can’t!) rest until her obsessive curiosity was satisfied. She always had a hard time with “it’s not possible” – everything is possible if you try hard enough! The process of creation – both natural and manmade – fascinated her endlessly and she spent hundreds of hours in pure wonderment. She literally watched the grass grow!

She’s where she’s today because of bringing these qualities (and a healthy dose of impatience) to everything she does. Her journey hasn’t been linear and it’s far from over and below are some unique facts about her:

– 90% of what she knows is self-taught (photography, design, code).
– She’s always learning. Every single day.
– Two of her previous start-up ventures failed.
– She’s a fairly decent macro photographer. She was Pakistan’s only female macro photographer back in the days.
– She’s always thinking of optimizing, improving, innovating. Always.
– She thrives in fast-paced, results-oriented environments.

And finally, some career specific highlights. So far, she has:
– Built a project monitoring and tracking/analytics software for a non-profit. (DOST Welfare Foundation).
– Built a student assessment software that generated reports and predicted results based on input data. (Beaconhouse School System)
– Created and managed national marketing and awareness campaigns, including a 13-episode TV talk show on security and justice.
– Lead the communications component of the world’s most extensive security and justice program.

In the capacity of Digital Marketing Executive, Ms. Natasha Gilani will be directly working with the PDP Team in creating a powerful marketing campaign for the PDP project, she will be dealing with the print, electronic, and social media strategies and works involved in the betterment of the PDP as a whole, and any other aspects as deemed necessary.

We all at the Pakistan Development Program – PDP are super excited to have Ms. Natasha Gilani on-board and look forward to a great future of Pakistan.

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